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We, ARTatCOM are handling the Art License of these artists and exporting various kind of artworks. We are now looking for the partners all over the world. >>> mail to the manager

fujiwara Hiroyuki Fujiwara
is a popular illustrator in Japan. Vividly and colorfully he draws various things such as street corner, people, restaurants and nostalgic scenery.

takeuchi Shinjiro Takeuchi
has been engaged in the advertising activities for long time and published an illustration book. After recovery from the sickness he is making many vivid artworks.

okamura Chie Okamura
is a young CG artist. Her artworks are getting popular because her paintings stimulate the feeling of many young ladies today.

(C) Hiroyuki Fujiwara, Senko Takahashi, Shinjiro Takeuchi, Chie Okamura and ARTatCOM Co., Ltd.